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Rublyovka - Road To Bliss

Rublyovka - Road To Bliss tells the story of the road which connects Moscow to the Russian Outback.

A documentary by Irene Langemann Running time, Rublyovka - Road To Bliss is an electrifying insight in the Russian society of today. Rublyovka Road is the traffic artery connecting the powerhouse Moscow with the Russian outback. Now the fight for the last remaining pieces of land has broken out. The last remaining huts of the poor are swept aside to make way for the palaces of the wealthy by means that could not be any more unfair or brutal.

Adolf Grimme Awards, Germany, 2009. Nominee for the Adolf Grimme Award for Best film in the information and culture award.

Viennale, 2007. Winner of the reader Jury of the Standard.

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